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  • Shannon Wright

September 2021 Agency Newsletter

Fall in Central New York....a little bit of summer heat remains as our days become shorter, the temperatures slowly but surely drops and the world around us becomes bright, bold hues of red, yellow & orange where we used to see green. Kids are back in school, and homework abounds. As we continue to navigate a world where COVID is ever present, there is comfort in the daily routines that fall brings to all families, businesses, and individuals. Knowledge that together we have been through some challenging times, but have come out on the other side stronger, smarter, and more prepared for what lies ahead.

September brings with it new beginnings and new opportunities to be better than we were yesterday and thankful for all that we have accomplished in 2021 so far. A reminder that “normal” may no longer be what it used to be, but what we make of it for ourselves and each other. This month especially we’d like to take the opportunity to say #ThankYou to our staff, our Direct Support Professionals, who have worked tirelessly throughout the Pandemic to continue to serve our individuals and did amazing things to support and help everyone get through the challenges of the last 18-months. It is because of them that we are all still here and our individuals are still thriving & engaged. So, to all H.O.M.E., Inc’s Direct Support Professionals, THANK YOU! Know that we see you, we hear you and we are inspired by your service to others and appreciate all you’ve done & continue to do!

September Newsletter 2021 Third copy
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