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August 2022 Agency Newsletter

August Newsletter

Welcome August! Easily the one of the hottest times of the year all over the country and a reminder that fall is not too far away. For some this means the end of summer as school schedules begin all over the country. However, for New York students it means a few more homework-free weeks of freedom before earlier bedtimes, bus rides, new classes, and the new school year begins. No matter what August means for you, there is still plenty of time enjoy all things summer- from beaches & swimming to fairs & festivals, BBQs, & picnics with friends and loved ones. August is great time to enjoy all the summer fun and activities while it is still here!

The History of the New York State Fair

This year the NYS fair begins on Wed, August 24th and continues through Monday, Sept 5th.

The New York State Fair, also known as the Great New York State Fair, is a 13-day showcase of agriculture, entertainment, education and technology. With midway rides, concessionaires, exhibits, and concerts, it has become New York's largest annual event and an end-of-summer tradition for hundreds of thousands of families from all corners of the state. The first fair took place in Syracuse in 1841 and took permanent residence there in 1890.[2] It is the oldest and one of the largest state fairs in the United States, with over one million visitors annually.

The New York State Fair begins in August and runs for 18 days, ending on Labor Day. The Fair did not operate in 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

It is held at the 375-acre (152 ha) Empire Expo Center on the shores of Onondaga Lake, in the town of Geddes, near the western border of Syracuse. The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets owns five of the buildings at the fair and employs its workers.[3] (

A Message from Our Executive Director

Happy August! I hope you all are staying cool and safe this summer! I would like to take this time to express the importance of daily program participation for our individuals; especially, during these days and times. It is so important that we keep their minds stimulated and engaged. Social engagement helps minimize behaviors and helps us progress in our mental and physical development. Our goal continues to be “to help people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities lead lives of Purpose, Joy, and Independence” and the only way to continue this is to be there to provide support in the areas needed in their lives. If your loved one does not attend daily, please reach out to us to let us know why and how we can help them achieve daily participation.

~ Take Care, Shaneika

Creative Corner and Quote

My Favorite Year by Sheala Burks

Some people say their college commencement speaker was boring.

Others say they do not remember their college commencement speech.

As for me,

What I remember about the college commencement was that

The college commencement speaker mentioned me by name.

Although he had trouble pronouncing my name,

He had easily touched on my achievements in and out of school.

It was both a happy and sad moment in my life.

From the day I first set foot in kindergarten,

To the day I walked across the stage as a college alumna,

I worked for twenty years to get to the day

That I could say “I did it!”

My family supported me in every step of the way.

Even others say I cannot do what I did,

I did not quit until I got to degree for college.

“August is that last flicker of fun and heat before everything fades and dies. The final moments of fun before the freeze. In the winter, everything changes.” Rasmenia Massoud, You Don't See Any of This (Source:

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